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Mechanical Abrasaion


Microdermabrasion is an office procedure that is considered a mild, mechanical peel. It improves the skin's texture by using a stream of crystals and suction to gently exfoliate the skin. Each session takes approximately thirty minutes. It is recommended to have bi-weekly sessions, followed by longer-term maintenance treatments. Microdermabrasion reduces age spots, acne scars, surface imperfections, and sun damage. It can also be used on the neck, upper chest, and backs of hands. This treatment may be used on all skin types. There is no down time after this treatment; however, your skin may be slightly pink. You can return to work/school immediately following the treatment. Microdermabrasion leaves your skin with a healthy glow.


Dermabrasion is a moderate to deep mechanical peel. It is the removal of the surface layer of skin with high-speed sanding. A rapidly rotating wheel or circular brush removes the upper layer of skin. It is most often used on deep acne scars as well as facial lines and wrinkles. It is not recommended for all skin types. A few days following dermabrasion your new skin emerges. Redness will fade over time. Dermabrasion is done in the physician's office under anesthesia and you can return to work/school within one to two weeks. Makeup may be applied after healing is complete.