Body contouring is a general term given to shaping of a body. Either excess body fat is removed or excess skin is got rid of. Sometimes areas are augmented to give that feminine contour. Where good food is readily available, where activity is minimal, where girth is not as important a factor, as labour to make fitting dress is so damn cheap, where voluptuousness is an attraction to the male eye - why bother about body contouring?

But alas ! India is unique in many ways - more so in its individuality of dress. And this uniqueness exposes more the belly of a female than any other social dress. And this exposure makes the ladies conscious too! After childbirth this normal phenomenon of sagging belly perturbs them to run from one fitness centre to the other in vain for reducing this exposed laxity. Nothing works. Only abdominoplasty, be it open or endoscopic can help.

Liposuction has received a widespread publicity and the common myth is that it reduces weight. No - certainly it is not so. Liposuction cannot reduce weight. It improves the body contour. Liposucking more than three litres of fat can cause serious problems.

Though ‘arm lift' may have role with the people who like the ‘sleeveless' look, yet I must confess where saree is the natural dress, thigh lift may not be so in demand. Yet it is awkward when you see in the cable TV, an actress, with less shapely thighs, dancing away in glory in her mini-skirt, least concerned what impact it is creating for the crowd, who has to watch her aerobics without a choice.

Shaping a body is by means of getting rid of localized fat collection by liposuction.