Breast Augmentation
 Breast Reduction

Whenever we talk of female beauty, breast is invariably associated as one of its attributes. Why? Our first food after  birth comes from the breast, raises an eternal bondage according to the Freudian philosophy.

 The idea of the beauty has changed over ages, in different cultures and at various stages of civilisation, along with its individual perception. This is mainly related to facial aesthetics and body contour. Seldom much is talked about breast- except that it is ornamental in a female, as much as it is the first contact between a mother and a child after birth.

We know that the breast extends from 2nd to the 6th rib, from mid-axillary line to the sternum and it develops on the mammary line. This is as far as the anatomy is concerned. But what about the aesthetics?

I have endeavoured to project the aesthetics of the female breast to the international community. Though Pamela Anderson or Dolly Parton may have an attraction(?) to the male eye, yet no artist or sculptor would attribute those breasts as the epitome of beauty. If we look at two augmented breasts, which looks normal? In the right he augmentation  is balanced  with the natural drop. Also it's ‘proportions to  the body of the individual ( i.e. height, structure, girth etc.) has to be considered, when visualising the outcome.

 The first and foremost  is a philosophy, that there is a gradual droop of the breasts with age. The breast of an eighteen year girl and that of a fifty-five year old lady is not the same. This natural droop with age forms the aesthetic basis of performing breast surgery.

On the lateral profile the line from clavicle to the nipple must be straight line, rather than an obvious convex curve. This fact is substantiated by an extract from  Indian sculpture or from a bronze figurine.

Aesthetic Surgery is an art and the success of the cosmetic surgeon lies in the fact that the profile is enhanced, yet nobody can recognize that the lady underwent cosmetic surgery. This is where the natural aesthetics of the breast should be taken into account. The other factor, while performing this surgical art- is not only the immediate result, but also its long term aesthetics. Gravitational changes with aging do play an important role together with the intrinsic changes as skin elasticity, fine epidermal lines, ultra-violet changes (if one happens to be a topless sun worshipper!) and pigmentary changes specially in a person with dark skin, also cannot be ignored.

 That the fashions of performing breast surgery are changing, is reflected in our human beings' eternal quest for a change due to our inherent dissatisfaction with what is present. But it is good to remember the golden words of Euripedes (484-406 B.C.) that moderation is the noblest gift of heaven.

Breast is one of the organs which gives femininity to a female. As it is ornamental to the psychology of a female as well as to the male eye - to the child it is first rapport with the mother. Modern cosmetic surgery of the breast stems from two important horizons- the beauty of the virgin breast and the improvement of its cosmetic appearance after childbirth.

To understand breast surgery one has to be familiar with the psycho-sexual disposition of the individual; and indeed with the socio-economic taboos. To discuss anything about breast in Kolkata, even today, is a relative ‘shame' - how can we talk about cosmetic surgery? As much as the nose or the eyes can enhance a feminine look the breast can add to the overall femininity of the individual. One must remember , like the eyes, the nose, the lips, - breast has an important profile in the psycho-sexual disposition of the female. As much as it is ornamental, it is the first essence of motherhood, where a new-born child establishes its first rapport with the mother. In short, it gives a lady her femininity.

Indeed big breasts do form a physical problem causing back, neck and shoulder pain, abrasion of skin by bra straps due to its sheer weight - needless to say the social ‘comments' do distress the ladies who are victims of hypersensitivity of the oestrogen receptors during puberty. Breast reduction is one of the most popular operations performed in other parts of the world.

Small breasts seems to cause a severe psychological problem for a female in the development of her femininity. ”Sh! Sh! Thou shalt not discuss these issues” - mums would say, disregarding the psychological trauma the girl is going through. Yes this simple operation can change a girl's life.

After childbirth by natural phenomenon, the breast sags. Modern mothers would say “ I do not want to breast feed” - disregarding the golden rules of the Omnipotent. Not only are they depriving their child of the warmth, but also they are laying a base for breakage of rapport and bondage between mother and child. Lifting the sagging breasts is a simple operation, sometimes with minimal scars.
Modern Cosmetic Surgery aims at increasing or decreasing the size of breast and if necessary lifting it to the desired level aiming to counteract the effects of gravity and yet provide the best aesthetics. It is an art of making the 'body beautiful'.